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Firstly I would like to say thank you for visiting our web site and showing interest in this truly amazing breed the only true blue Aussie pedigree cat “The Australian Mist”.

My love affair with these cats started over 17 years ago when I purchased my first blue male “Spotted Mist” (as they were then called).I fell in love with the amazing loving and cuddly temperaments and the solid muscular bodies.I had owned and shown a variety of pedigree cats prior to the Mists my favourite being the Burmese but once I had owned a Mist there was certain no going back I knew I had the best the cat world had to offer.

When I met my partner Mark through our Rottweilers he was not a lover of cats as he believed, like a lot of others that have never met a Mist, that cats only loved you or allowed you to pet them when they wanted….boy was he in for a shock and once he had met my Mist he was lost.

It was Mark’s love of the Mists, his persistence and enthusiasm for the Breed that made us decide to get into the show ring and to buy a Queen with the thought that we “may” try breeding a litter or two to have some kittens and to keep one of those for showing.

Well as we found even the best laid plans often end up “up the proverbial creek without a paddle”.To say we had no luck in the next 3 years would be an understatement but when you want something bad enough well then you just keep going.We purchased in several prospective “Queens” only to find that to us they were not suitable for starting our foundation.After breeding Rottweilers successfully for over 30 years and having amazing temperaments and type in the dog world and being recognized for this I was not about to breed with something we were not happy with.I must say other cat people thought we were a little crazy and far too fussy but we knew what we wanted and we didn’t care how long it took to get want we wanted.

With the assistance of Truda, the breed founder, we finally lucked upon a beautiful older brown spotted girl called “Dawn” who is now the love of our lives. She produced our first litter of only one a brown spotted boy called “Ali” and what a first to produce it was definitely quality not quantity which was fine by us, he was definitely worth waiting the 3 years to get him. At just 12 weeks he won his first “Best Shorthaired Cat” in the whole show and it was not a small show…we were ecstatic. He has done amazing things in the show ring with many Best Kitten in Shows and we could not be prouder.

Our idea of owning one Queen had already gone down the creek and was about to be swamped when over the next few months all three other Australian Mist breeders in Queensland decided to retire from the breed and we acquired most of their breeding cats.We found ourselves now as the only Breeders of Australian Mists in Queensland. Well so much for owning 1 Queen and going from there!

We are now eagerly awaiting our second litter from Dawn and hope to get a nice girl to keep to breed to Ali and/or William (Dawn’s other son from a previous litter) so we can produce our foundation Queen who is linebred on Dawn.We hope to go on from there. In the meantime we now find ourselves with lots of other bloodlines which we can include in our breeding program for the future.Who knows what the future holds but hopefully lots of lovely Mists for us and those of you who only want the best cat in the world.

Thanks for your time and hopefully we will catch up with you somewhere along the line.

Mark & Carol


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